DELCHARCO_info-01            During an introduction to graphic design class at UNC, I was asked to design an infographic. I’m a huge baseball fan, and throughout this season I’ve watched one of my favorite players, Ben Zobrist, have an all-stat season despite his old age. I started doing some research just to realize how special that was, and I was stunned by just how rare this kind of performance is in the MLB.

I created a timeline to follow along with Zobrist’s journey and to make the infographic a comprehensive look at Zobrist’s career, which has been an anomaly in many ways. The image of Zobrist in the middle was created in Illustrator. I compiled statistics from a couple different reliable MLB stat-keepers including ESPN and Baseball Reference.

Using heat maps to show Zobrist’s hitting statistics is a compelling way to look at the data and to learn about his hitting in a way that hasn’t been available until recently. As a utility player, Zobrist moves around the field a lot, so I used a circle chart to indicate just how much time he spends at each position, which corresponded to the size of the circle in relation to other circles. At the time I created this graphic, Zobrist was leading the second baseman’s voting for the All-Star Game, so including that statistic was informative and relevant.

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