Retro Poster


During an introduction to graphic design class at UNC, I was asked to design a poster. While researching topics, I found 80’s design inspirational and I found advertisements and posters from the period very interesting. I decided to make a mock-advertisement that would have gone out in the mid-80s for a Walkman cassette tape player. The colors are pastels, which were common in the time. I used Adobe Illustrator to draw and trace common images in 2d for the background of the piece. To complete the background, I worked on spacing and arranging the shapes so the viewer can tell what each shape is, but does not focus on the size of the objects. After figuring out the perfect alignment and spacing, I colored repeated shapes and objects the same, then balanced the color scheme throughout. I wrote the tagline, which I think summarizes the feel Walkman held throughout their ad campaigns in the 80s.

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