Savoring the stars

Last night I went on an astro-photography shoot with my good friend Thomas and it reminded me of everything I love about the stars.

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Nothing beats this view

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Looking at the night sky is something all people appreciate — it’s undeniably beautiful. It’s calming to stare into space and forget about everything on earth for a while.

But it’s so easy to get caught up in the American pace of life that says “Go, go go!”and forget about everything that doesn’t get us to the next step in our ideal path of success.

For me it’s easy because I love it. I love doing work and seeing how much I can accomplish in a day, week or month. But something I’ve learned lately is just how valuable living in the moment and soaking up all the stimulants that are invading your senses are.

To just sit and stare into the softly sparkling Milky Way;

To hear the dozens of footsteps and quietly bantering voices in a crowd;

To waft the sweet scent of a bakery filled with almond and cherry and chocolate;

Aren’t these things a part of us too? Sure, we’re equipped to go out and achieve great things, but we’re built to sense and absorb too.

I’m trying to balance out the two in my own life, but I’m not letting those moments filled with only sensing my surroundings to escape me any more.

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